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Custom manufactured special perforated sheets
Alpignano (Torino) Italy - Fax 0039-11-9661364

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Azienda Certificata ISO 9001-2008 Certified Company

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Since 1984
.:: About G.B.S. Company ::.
A short history about GBS and its potential.
The G.B.S. company was born in 1984 by joint venture of his long experienced Founder Partners who merged their skill achieved in the same sector into a company producing special perforated sheets able to face the competition since the start in both home and foreign markets.
A glance inside GBS
Our milestone "Machine Nr.1" as it was in 1984 at the beginning. This machine is still present in our fleet albeit totally renewed with latest technological innovations and according to recent regulations.

Internal molds building
A part of our molds workshop where we build tools to make every kind of perforation possible. That's why our perforation range is large and we meet most Customer needs as special perforated sheets.

A very good tech staff and a continous attention to technological innovation, (often by building ourselves the perforating machineries needed into our work), ensure the best quality of our special perforated sheets together with a competitive price.

Quality System ISO 9001-2008
In the '80s, term "Certification" was unknown, yet quality was already our productive philosophy. Over the years, we discovered that many concepts we did apply since the beginning were focused into ISO 9001.
To crown our efforts, since 2003 we became a company with Quality System Certified according to ISO 9001-2008.

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