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Side view of flared holes
Side view of milled holes
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.:: Flared hole sheets / countersunk holes ::.
In this page you can find out flared holes and also milled holes sheets.
A particular kind of perforation is the one of flared holes sheets. To obtain the flare, during perforation process, sheets are not simply perforated but punch, at the end of its run, creates a flare more or less deep depending on different kind of holes. With such perforations sheets are not simply drilled but the holes are then "pressed down".
Classic of flared perforation.
In this case they are straight rows (at 90°), but can be also staggered (at 60° or 45°) even at zone on drawing.

Apps: centrifuges, textile & washing machines.
Stds: aluminium, mild steel 1÷3 mm thk.
Else: on demand.
Flared holes I7 U25 (Ø 7 mm. pitch 25)
Antislip double perforation.
Here you see both flared and plane holes. That's for antislip purpose. These sheets are made also at zone on drawing.

Apps: staircases, steps.
Stds: aluminium, mild steel 2 mm thk.
Else: on demand.
Antislip perforation (holes I8+R8 twin type)

Different kind of sheets are those with countersunk holes where we have not flared holes but conical. These sheets must be done in two steps: first by making round holes perforated sheets then by milling hole by hole in order to obtain conical section instead of cylindrical.
Conical perforation.
This is a special perforation made for sugar filters only. A long work of milling is still done hole by hole manually (cannot be automated).

Apps: zugar filters.
Stds: mild steel 8÷10mm thk.
Else: on demand.
Countersunk hole sheets' (conical holes)
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