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.:: Materials of perforated sheets ::.
Basic information on materials and alloy used.
When producing perforated and embossed sheets we use a large range of materials, sizes and thickness. We specialized in custom manufactured perforated sheets at measure, on drawing, prototype to mid-series. No minimum quantity needed. We furnish directly but also can make work only on sheets given by our Customers (third parties works).
Basic information
Table shows the perforability of each material compared with its thickness. You can find all materials we can use producing our perforated and embossed sheets. Size of sheet startS from classic 2x1 mt. up to very large formats and/or at measure. Please ask if you need not listed materials.

Perforated sheets - Materials & Thickness perforability table.

We can furnish all listed materials apart PVC: we work this when given by our Customer only.
Metal scrap will be in our behalf. Scrap will be taken to recover under the current regulations.
PP and PVC scrap will be returned to our Customer because they are special waste.
Take note: in this section there are other cards (see tabs).
  Tech info Materials  
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