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Custom manufactured special perforated sheets
Alpignano (Torino) Italy - Fax 0039-11-9661364

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Azienda Certificata ISO 9001-2008 Certified Company

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.:: Special perforated sheets factory ::.
Welcome. If you are looking for real producer this is your place.
We produce special perforated sheets of every kind, in any metal, with zone perforation and sizes on demand. We specialize in microperforated sheets holes-as-thickness (Ø=thick), on drawing, as sector, as trunk of cone, whose we are leader. Our main feature is the high flexibility: we produce on demand prototype to mid series. Here you can find custom perforated sheets as we make exactly what you need.
Main Products List
- Microperforated
- Round holes
- Oblongs / slots
- Square holes
- Rectangulars
- Hexagonals
- Octagonals
- Flared/milled
- Embossed
- Aisi 304
- Aisi 316
- Aisi 321
- Mild Steel
- Galvanized
- Aluminium
- Copper
- Brass
- out of standards
- at measure
- as disk / as seave
- trunk of cone
- 300x300 mm up
to 2000x6000 mm


- 0,3 ÷ 10 mm
- no minimum order
- prototypes
- small series
- medium series

Third parties:

- we work sheets
given by Customers
and Wholesalers
- on demand
- at measure
- on drawing
- at zones


- laser cutting
- fixing holes
- bending

Microperforated Round holes 60° Rounds at 45° & 90°
Low thickness sheets where holes diameter and thickness value are the same Round hole staggered 60° pattern from Ø of 0,3 mm on 0,3 mm thickness above Sheets with other perforations at 45° or 90° are also available on demand
Oblongs/slots Square holes Hexagonal holes
Perforated sheets with oblong holes, straight, staggered parallel long/short side Square holes sheets disposition straight, staggered, diagonal, etc. Hexagonal holes with high OA%, even at zones, small mid series and prototype
Flared & milled Zone perforations Special holes
Perforated sheets with flared holes, milled holes sheets, sheets for staircases Perforated sheets at zone, as drawing, in large and small series or even single Pocket holes, triangle, octagon, rhomb, half moon, round slot, and many more
Sectors & seaves Perforated disks Embossed sheets
Sectors, seaves, trunks of cone as drawing, at measure even small quantity Perforated disks with decreasing perforation and borders also with blind center Embossed sheets of round type, square, lozenge, rhomb and stick shape
Custom products Direct producers We do not make
Wide range of special sheets on demand even small quantity and prototypes - No minimum order
- Work on drawing
- Custom products
- Fast delivery
- Metallic mesh
- Metallic nets
- Carpentry
- Installations
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