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Custom manufactured special perforated sheets
Alpignano (Torino) Italy - Fax 0039-11-9661364

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Azienda Certificata ISO 9001-2008 Certified Company

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You can contact us for any information and inquiry via post, phone, fax or mail.
G.B.S. Lamiere Perforate s.r.l.
Via Valdellatorre, int. 188
I-10091 ALPIGNANO (Torino) Italy
VAT: IT04649790013
Fiscal IT04649790013
Phone : 0039 - 11 - 9675125 We speak English
Nous parlons Français
Ablamos Español
Fax :     0039 - 11 - 9661364 Fax machine always on.
Please prefer mail for sending DWG.
You may send a E-Mail to address:
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Please always indicate Your full business address with phone and fax numbers:
We DO NOT answer to anonymous requests or signed with a simple name !

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G.B.S. Lamiere Perforate s.r.l.   I-10091 ALPIGNANO (Torino) ITALIA   VAT IT04649790013  
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