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Custom manufactured special perforated sheets
Alpignano (Torino) Italy - Fax 0039-11-9661364

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Azienda Certificata ISO 9001-2008 Certified Company

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Materials range:
– Carbon steel / Galvanized
– Aisi 304, 316, 321, 430
– Aluminiun 1050, 6082
– Copper / Brass
Size range:
– custom manufactured
– 1000x2000 mm.
– 1250x2500 mm.
– 1500x3000 mm.
– critical holes max 1x2mt
– thk 0,3 max 608x2000mm
– other please ask
Lower-than-thick range:
– Stainless steel = see table
– Carbon/Galv. = yes, ask
– Aluminium = yes, ask
.:: Microperforated sheets ::.
Special perforated sheets specific for chemical, food and mechanical purpose.
Microperforated sheets are different than any else. In these kind of sheets, diameter of holes and thickness are the same most of times (also called holes-as-thickness).
By doing perforated sheets, we must face a technological limit based on the rule "holes dia=thick": so i.e. sheets of 1 mm. thk, can be perforated with holes diameter 1 mm. up, but not with diameters lower than sheet's thk, (see "X" area). This metallurgical limit reppresents a great challenge: a few industries can bring such products into their catalogues. With s/s steel, in some cases, we did overcome this rule! (See orange points in the table). On mild steel and aluminium: ask.
Perforated sheet - Microperforated table
Holes are placed on vertex of equilateral triangle (at angles of 60º), they can be staggered parallel on long sides or short sides. Other kind of holes have disposition at 45° or 90°.
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